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HP Z8 G4 Workstation-2

Global  Nettech offers powerful desktop workstation HP Z8 G4  on rental with the capability to run the most complex simulations and process huge amounts of data such as 3D simulations and editing 8K video in real time with application ANSYS or After Effects.This innovative workstation can support your unique needs with support options of  Linux®  or Windows 10 Pro 64 operating systems.

This dual socket Workstation is designed innovatively to deliver outstanding performance and expandability within its tool-less “split chassis”. The newly designed HP Z8 architecture supports the next generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors for up to 56 total processor cores in one system for achieving the high compute performance. With up to 56 processing cores and up to 3 TB of main memory, 3x the capacity of its predecessor HP Z840 Workstation, HP Z8 enables rear access to 1700 W power supply with a locking mechanism, 24 DIMMs, and a total of 9 PCIe slots includes 7 full length, full height PCIe slots and 2 internal PCIe slots helps for specialized workflows.

To handle massive data sets with 24 memory slots supporting up to 1.5 TB of high-speed memory. The flexible configuration with 7 high-performance PCIe Gen3 slots and get additional expandability supporting up to 4 PCIe storage devices with optional slots.A choice of 1125W and 1450W 90% efficient power supplies, the Z8 fires up the maximum levels of processing, memory, graphics, storage and I/O reconfigurability. Designed with two ports of 10 GbE network connection.

The tool-less and modular chassis lets you  easily and quickly access the interior for  maintenance and upgrades. The HP Z8 G4 workstation’s modern, sophisticated look features built-in handles for easy relocation. Innovative design allows full range configurations to run cool and quiet for maximized productivity.HP Z8 G4 Workstations on rental helps you to carry out machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and 3D-CAD Design effectively in less time and at low cost.

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HP Z220 workstation

HP Z220 workstation

Global  Nettech offers Hp’s Z220 SFF  workstation on rental with high performance and energy efficiency at an affordable price for your personal or professional needs.The z220 workstations come in 2 different configurations. The HP z220 Convertible mini tower or CMT. and the HP z220 small form factor or SFF.

The z220 SFF is powered by  Quad Core Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v2 series, and the 3rd generation Intel Core processors like the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors to maximize performance and energy efficiency, with the clock speed of  3.7 GHz and with Intel’s Turbo Boost enabled,  clock speed can be increased  up to 4.1 GHz.The Intel® C216 platform controller hub chipset is used with the HP Z220’s core architecture.

The Z220 support both DDR3 ECC and non-ECC un-buffered memory DIMMs, for up to 1600MHz speed with two memory channels and each channel with two DIMMs are supported.
The z220 SFF has an internal 3.5-inch drive bay and an external 5.25-inch drive bay with support for  250 GB, up to 2 TB, SATA (7200 rpm) up to 300 GB, SATA (10000 rpm) 128 GB  and up to 300 GB, SATA Solid State Drive options.

Global Nettech offers HP Z220  workstation  with Intel HD Graphics or NVIDIA Quadro 600 Pro 3D graphics and Dual NVIDIA NVS 310 2D graphics to take presentations to the next level, and bring work to life offers accessibility to the r high-performance 2D, 3D, video and media-rich applications from remote locations.

This workstation has four integrated super-speed USB 3.0 ports. This enables for ten times quicker data transfer than USB 2.0 ports.The z220 can run operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

Moreover, z220 supports 240W 90% efficient, wide-ranging, Active Power Factor Correction and if a video card is installed, then 400-watt 90% efficient power supply can be used.

GlobalNettech offers HP Z220 SFF workstation for short term rent or leases within your budget price for a solid entry-level workstation which can provide workstation performance with next-generation graphics at modest prices one would expect from a desktop PC.

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With an outsized range of computing choices out there nowadays, it will be quite difficult to pick a system which will deliver optimum performance and capability at an inexpensive value. rather than recommending the minimum computing specifications to run Simulation CFD, we tend to area unit listing the specifications of the computers utilized by the appliance Engineers at Autodesk.

Dell T5610 Workstation:

Model: Dell T5610 with Intel Dual Xeon E5-2650 V2 (8 Core HT, 2.6GHz Turbo)
RAM: +32GB DDr3
Video: Nvidia Quadro 4000
Hard Drive: 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

Make fast work of complex tasks with the Dell Precision T5610 through its high-end, reliable dual-processor performance. Rent Reliable & High-end Workstation At Affordable Price. Call Us Today!

The solver will require about 2 GB of RAM per 1 million elements.  Anything more will not make the analysis go faster.  It simply will not be used by Sim CFD.  If the available RAM is less than the model requirement the solver has to resort to file swapping which will significantly slow down the analysis.  More RAM is that case is recommended.
The amount of Ram should be based on current and future model size.

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CPU clock speed has a big influence.  The faster the clock speed the shorter the runtimes.
It is important, however, to know that the Sim CFD solver uses CPUs (or cores) in a 2n order.  This means 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc…  For instance, if a machine has 2 8-core CPUs (i.e. 16 cores) the solver will use all of them.  If it has, says, 20 cores the solver will only use 16.  So it’s better to have 16 3.0 GHz cores than 20 2.6 or 2.8 GHz cores.
There is no difference between one 8-core CPU and two 4-core CPUs.  Generally, the performance/value marker starts to end around 16 cores with the 2014 solver. There are still some performance gains with 32 cores, but not much for the cost.

GlobalNettech is committed to delivering businesses with the foremost easy and dependable IT Solutions and technical support.

We area unit determined to creating everything our customers knock off managing GlobalNettech – from obtaining a sales quote to technical recommendation – a pleasure, not a pain. If you’re longing for rental (desktop and mobile) workstations, GlobalNettech is your one-stop destination for all of your business answer desires.

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Workstation rental

A workstation is a computer with high performance and especially build for technical or scientific applications.

Workstations are specially made for manipulation and visualization of complex data such as 3D mechanical design, engineering simulation, animation and rendering of images, and mathematical plots.

They have high-resolution multiple displays, a keyboard, a mouse, graphics tablets, 3D mice etc.

Workstations offer higher performance with respect to CPU and graphics, memory capacity, and multitasking capability than desktop computers.

High-End workstation:

High-End Workstation is a most advanced workstation with tower and 2U rack mount chassis features up to two Intel ® Xeon® processors for a total of 44 cores and perfect for high-end graphics applications, Animation CAD/CAM, 3D Modelling, Visualization, DTP, Image Processing and Digital Content Creation and any other advanced computer tasks.

Mid-Range workstation:

Mid-Range workstations have maximum memory and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and support to two Intel Xeon processors and max 44 cores or a single processor.This is perfect for CAD  applications Midrange system are also used to assist high-end workstations in telecommunications processing and network management.

Entry-level  workstation:

Entry-level workstations provide support for optional overclocked processors, eight-core processors and two full-length professional GPUs.

Entry-level workstations specially designed for technical applications like as 3D Modelling, Autodesk AutoCAD, Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS, CAM, and advanced graphics production with Adobe Photoshop.

SFF workstations:

Small form factor workstations are powerhouses that are housed in a smaller enclosure that easily fits in all types of workplaces.It is perfect for smooth CAD & 3D design with the computer workstation for single-threaded applications.

This SFF workstation is smaller but they are powerful to accelerate 3ds Max, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, and Inventor workflows.

Mobile workstations or Portable workstations:

Mobile workstations are the CAD laptop computers with high computing features like processors with faster graphics, more powerful CPUs, and additional memory. Portable workstations are used in CAD/CAM, Geospatial, Oil & Gas, and engineering applications.


Benefits of workstations:

Workstations offer professional grade graphics performance and high quality rendering for CAD, media, and entertainment applications.

Workstations features  powerful processors to do applications, such as CAD, animation, and digital content creationquickly, and workstations can help to run multiple applications at the same time without loss in performance.

Workstations have more memory capacity to help the artists and designers create their large and complex designs.

Workstations are built to support high internal storage with affordable Intel® Solid State Drives and deliver data faster and high reliability.

Workstations offer high reliability with reduced downtime.

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The Dell Precision T3600 offers powerful performance for exacting workstation workloads such as mainstream 3D, advanced engineering, digital content creation, CAD/CAM, and design environments.

The Dell Precision T3600 is an entry to mid range model.It is the most attractive workstation for professionals.

Power through resource-exhausting and graphics-intensive workloads with the advanced design of the dual-socket Dell Precision T3600 featuring Intel® Xeon® processor E5-1600 or E5-2600 family supported up to 64GB4 of quad-channel ECC or non-ECC memory.

The Dell Precision T3600 features a totally redesigned chassis, enabling the user to perform service and modifications with greater ease. Chassis has the straightforward, clutter-free interior providing easy access to components. The Dell Precision T3600 offer an externally accessible tool-less power supply for superior serviceability.It has an integrated front and rear aluminum handles for easy deployment and moves. The Dell Precision T3600 has room for up to two 3.5” or four 2.5” tool-less hard drives. It also has a handy top tray which offers a convenient location to store external drives or cameras and provides easy access to front -mounted USB ports. Dell Precision T3600 is easily rack mounting via 0U rail shelf kit.

A variety of professional-grade NVIDIA® and AMD® graphics options, including powerful NVIDIA Maximus® technology featuring Quadro and Tesla GPUs that simultaneously enable simulation and design on a single system. In our system handling workstation graphics processing, duties are the NVIDIA Quadro  k2200 4GB graphics card. The Quadro K2200 provides 640 general purposes CUDA cores. The NVIDIA Quadro K2200 sporting its larger heat sink and 60mm ultra-quite fan. The heat sink features an aluminum base and fins, with a solid copper GPU contact on the underside.Generation 3 PCIe slots to help prepare for the next generation of graphics.  Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions and Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, offering outstanding performance for complex applications.

Dell’s exclusive, patented Reliable Memory Technology also featured in this workstations too. The new technology maximizes uptime by eliminating virtually all memory errors so the workstations can get more reliable over time, providing a stable and reliable platform user can trust.

Dell Precision T3600 on rental Bangalore  is EPEAT®-registered3 and offers ENERGY STAR® 5.2 configurations, including 80 PLUS®-registered Gold power supplies. It will help the user to lower the impact on the environment, but it also helps to reduce the operating energy costs.

It is quite an impressive machine, well-built and designed. T3600 is a lot of power in a mid-sized package.This workstation is perfect for graphics professionals, such as visual effects artists, to just about every engineering discipline we can imagine.

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Dell’s Latitude E6430 is a productivity-oriented laptop, providing a strong combination of performance and endurance with an added dose of style to boot.It has the advanced features to offer strong performance, an attractive, durable metal chassis and more than 10 hours of battery life.

Equipped with a 14”display, the Latitude E6430 strikes the perfect balance of mobility, performance, and durability. The E6430 is built for durability with a “Tri-Metal” chassis that consists of a magnesium alloy frame, reinforced steel hinges, a matte chrome bumper, a protective LCD seal and a spill-resistant keyboard.

The Latitude E6430 can handle work’s tough demands. StrikeZone™ shock absorber, Fast Response Free-Fall Sensor, and rubber hard drive isolation help protect data from drops and vibration, while the spill-resistant keyboard and LCD protective seal further help protect the system from bumps and spills.

The Dell Latitude E6430 Rental delivers ultimate performance in a highly mobile package. Power through the workday with the latest Intel® i5 Dual Core™ processor option, high-bandwidth DDR3 memory, and Intel® HD graphics or 1GB NVIDIA discrete graphics. Long battery life and 4- and 6-cell ExpressCharge™ battery options help users stay productive. Intel Rapid Start and Intel Smart Connect get them up and going fast as they travel from site to site.

The Latitude E6430 enables users to connect with colleagues from virtually anywhere with a high-performing antenna and the latest wireless and mobile broadband options. The built-in HD webcam, array microphones, and Microsoft Unified Communications help provide optimal video conferencing.

E-port docking solutions allow a seamless transition to full desktop productivity while in the office. Optional backlit keyboard and the Latitude E6430 180 degree LCD movement enable the users to work comfortably even in low-light environments.

Dell‘s remote BIOS management offers efficient remote-control over firmware settings. With the latest Intel® vPro systems management iAMT 8.x, managing and maintaining the Latitude E6430 become easy which helps to deliver seamless out-of-band management. Upgrade or service key components conveniently via a single access door,  with fewer screws. Dell Data Protection software, Trusted Platform Module (TPM), encrypted hard drive options, and contactless smart card and fingerprint reader login access options safeguard the data.

Port control options, physical hardware lock, and optional tracking and recovery services strengthen the security further. Dell Latitude long lifecycles managed transitions, and ImageWatch™ advance look at software and hardware changes help ensure long-term stability.

Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions provide a data center infrastructure to improve data security, streamline management, and speed time to value with purpose-built hardware, software, and services for client virtualization.

Dell Data Protection | Encryption3 offers a single solution for flexible data encryption across your network and removable media. Dell systems management solutions help the user to centralize management, automate processes, and reduce support costs.

Dell Cloud Solutions help the user offload select IT workloads and adopt an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model that scales with the organization. Automate manual or resource intensive tasks such as email management and crisis management and alerting.

The Latitude E6430 has a lot going for it: strong performance, extraordinary battery life, a world-class keyboard and an attractive chassis.The Latitude E6430 is the best choice for a great-looking business system that packs plenty of power.

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The  HP Z820 workstation is for the special demands of high-end production and post. The Z820 workstation, like its predecessor, is an excellent choice for serious motion picture and video editing. The z820 include the latest Xeon E5 2600 processors, PCI Express 3.0 (integrated into the processor), USB 3.0, DDR-3 memory and capacity enhancements, I/O slot improvements, and overall better performance.

The IntelXeon E5 2600 processors with 8core, running at a clock speed of 3.1GHz, and 32GB of DDR3 memory. The Intel C602 chipset motherboard supports four memory channels per processor with 2 DIMM slots per channel for a grand total of 16 memory slots and up to 512GB of memory.

In addition to the 16 RAM slots, the C602-based motherboard provides a vast array of PCI-Express slots: three Gen3 x16 slots, one Gen3 x8 in an x16 slot, one Gen3 x4 in an x8 slot, one Gen 2 x4 in a x8 slot and a legacy PCI slot. For internal storage, the board offers a two-channel 6GB/s SATA drive controller, a four-channel 3GB/s SATA controller, and an eight-channel 6GB/s SAS controller. The Z820 uses a current-generation 6 gigabit-per-second SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) hard drive controller.

Sporting the latest generation Intel processors and able to handle high performing graphics cards, the Z820 is also well suited for 3D animation. 3D modeling and animation rely on the GPU for real-time rendering. The HP Z820’s GPU and the Nvidia Quadro 6000, is certainly up to the task.

The 6000 offers 6 GB of RAM, 448 CUDA cores and claims to deliver an astounding 1.3 billion triangles per second.  It is the CPU that renders the final frames. This involves some heavy computation, as it takes a chunk of time to calculate the final lighting effects, textures, depth of field, motion blur, particles and the multiple other subtleties that go into making outstanding 3D imagery for motion pictures.

Fitted with an SSD RAID, The Z820  features an SSD RAID so it delivers up smooth high-resolution video.

Its handsome rugged brushed metal sides are both solid and aesthetically pleasing.It has a set of sturdy handles at the top, which make moving it around simple. The Hp Z820 has seven hard drive bays, which partly resemble a tidy stack of drawers, need only a light tug to remove or insert. Hard drives are easily removed and inserted into the drive bay

With its SSDs and liquid-cooled CPUs, the HP Z820 is whisper quiet, an important design benefit for a high-end workstation.

Built for high-end computing and visualization. The dual-processor HP Z820 Workstation delivers outstanding performance, award-winning industrial design, and tool-free serviceability in the industry’s most expandable chassis for ultimate performance to accomplish ultimate projects.

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