Globalnettech provides a Laptop Rental solution whether you need to Rent 1 laptop or 100 our technical staff will be able to give you the best advice about which hardware will be best suited for your requirements.

Dell Latitude E7470 has a sleek and attractive design .It has a slim, soft-touch, magnesium-alloy chassis that makes this PC a joy to hold. The chassis designed to endure shock, drops from up to 4 feet and extreme heat. The notebook’s super soft lid is just as pleasant to the touch, though it is fairly susceptible to fingerprints. The E7470 is both small enough and light enough to fit into the bag without much of an issue. The Latitude 14 E7470 has the majority of its ports in the back.That makes  the PC’s power input, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, mini DisplayPort and Ethernet jack  hard to access. The only ports  find on the edges are a headphone/mic jack, an SD card slot, a SIM port and a single USB 3.0 input. It doesn’t have a USB Type-C port for newer, fast-charging accessories.

A competent system that excels at performance, the Dell Latitude 15 3570 uses the latest Intel processor. The design of this 15-inch business laptop is simple but it looks good. It looks like a large slab of matter black piece. The Dell Latitude 15 3570 Notebook is a 15.6-inch laptop for budget-conscious small businesses. Global Nettech provides the latest laptop rentals for your business equipment rental needs. Get an online quote for Dell Latitude 15 3570 Notebook from Global Nettech.

The Latitude’s rear-facing ports allow it to fit seamlessly into Dell’s E-Family of docks, and these make it easy to turn the laptop into a full workstation with monitors and desktop accessories. The ports  help  to keep the laptop’s edges slim and seamless.The Latitude 14 E7470 has  a 720p webcam.It is clear enough for conference calls. The Latitude 14 is offering Trusted Platform Module (TPM) encryption to keep the files safe. Optional security features include a fingerprint reader, a smart card reader, and Dell’s Data Protection encryption software. If we configure it with a Core i5-6300U CPU or higher, the laptop also has Intel vPro manageability.

The Latitude 14 E7470 has  an even sharper, quad-HD panel, the Latitude 14’s standard 1080p display is crisp and clear enough for work, and colorful and vibrant enough for when the user wants to kick back with a movie. The panel on this Dell notched an impressive 338 nits of brightness on our light meter.The user can customize the Latitude’s sound output via the Dell Audio app. The software features preset for music, movies, gaming and voice, and the user can customize individual parameters such as treble and bass or dive into an EQ if the user wants to fine-tune every last detail.

The Latitude is well-equipped with a comfortable and satisfyingly snappy keyboard that makes it easy to chop away at reports.The notebook’s 3.8 x 2.1-inch touchpad was just as reliable. Its smooth surface made switching among tabs a breeze, and gestures such as pinching to zoom and swiping three fingers right to change apps felt immediate and natural. Dell’s laptop also features a small, blue-bordered pointing stick for those who prefer to navigate without having to leave the keyboard.

Packing an Intel Core i5-6200U processor with 8GB of RAM, the Latitude is more than ready to handle the workload. The Latitude 14 is fairly light on extra software, with just a handful of Dell apps complementing the stock Windows 10 programs. Dell’s Command Update helps keep the drivers, firmware and BIOS up to date, while Command Power Manager lets the user optimize battery life and manage the PC’s heat threshold.The Latitude 14 E7470 is both durable and incredibly sleek.

GlobalNettech is committed to delivering businesses with the most straightforward and dependable IT Solutions and technical support.

We are determined to making everything our customers do in dealing with GlobalNettech – from getting a sales quote to technical advice – a pleasure, not a pain. If you are looking for rental (desktop and mobile) workstations and laptop, GlobalNettech is your one-stop destination for all of your business solution needs.

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