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Hp z440 Workstation is a 3D CAD workstation. It features a single Xeon E5-1630 v3 CPU,  up to 128GB of RAM and up to four 3.5-inch drives and  massive new professional GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. 

This system’s  security provided through asset tracking, password security, hard drive locking, and chassis locks.

Asset tracking:

Data that can be managed using HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM), HP Console Management Controller (CMC), or other systems-management applications are provided  by Asset tracking features.

Automatic integration between asset tracking features and these products enables the user  to choose the management tool that is best suited to the environment and to leverage investments in existing tools.

Security features such as the Smart Cover Sensor (side access panel sensor) help prevent unauthorized access to the data and to the internal components of the computer.

Memory Change and Side access panel sensor (Smart Cover Sensor) alerts, which can be forwarded to system management applications to deliver proactive notiƭcation of tampering with a computer’s internal components.

Capability for protecting valuable data assets by disabling parallel, serial, or USB ports, or by disabling removable media boot capability.



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Two ways of managing security  settings  are

Locally, with Computer Setup (F10) Utility

Remotely, with HP CMS or HP System Software Manager (SSM), which enable the secure, consistent deployment and control of security settings from a simple command line utility.

What  are the features of computer  setup(10) Utility to manage computer security?

Removable Media Boot Control:  This feature prevents booting from removable media drives.

USB Interface Control:This prevents the transfer of data through the integrated USB interface.

Power-On Password: This feature prevents the use of the computer until the password is entered.

Setup Password: : This feature prevents  reconƭguration of the computer (through Computer Setup (F10) Utility) until the password is entered.

SATA hard drive security:

HP z440 workstation has the HP DriveLock facility for SATA hard drives to prevent unauthorized access to data.

Enabling DriveLock can render an SATA hard drive permanently inaccessible if the master password is lost or forgotten. No method exists to recover the password or access the data.

To balance this level of security with the need to address the issue of a forgotten password, the HP implementation of DriveLock employs a two-password security scheme. One password is intended to be set and used by a system administrator, while the other is typically set and used by the user.

If both DriveLock passwords are lost, the hard drive is inaccessible.

DriveLock has been implemented as an extension to Computer Setup (F10) Utility functions. It is only available when hard drives that support the ATA security command-set are detected.

Password security:

The setup password speciƭcally prevents unauthorized access to the Computer Setup (F10) Utility and can also be used as an override to the power-on password. An administrator can enter the setup password at the prompt for the power-on password and gain access to the computer.

Establishing a setup password through the Computer Setup (F10) Utility prevents reconƭguration of the computer (through the use of Computer Setup (F10) Utility) until the password is entered.

Establishing a power-on password through Computer Setup (F10) Utility prevents access to the computer when power is connected unless the user specifies the password.

Chassis security:

The Smart Cover Sensor, an optional feature, is a combination of hardware and software technology that alerts  the user if the interior or the computer is accessed .The sensor has been conƭgured in Computer Setup (F10) Utility. The sensor alerts the user when the side panel is removed  or when the computer is opened. When the Smart Cover Sensor is installed, Smart Cover appears under the Security menu in the Computer Setup (F10) Utility menu.

Cable lock:

To prevent theft, the user can attach a keyed cable lock to the bottom-left corner of the chassis. This cable lock attaches to the chassis and secures it to the work area.

These are the security  features that protect the system  from unauthorized access to the data and to the internal components of the computer and also from theft.

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