Globalnettech provides a Laptop Rental solution whether you need to Rent 1 laptop or 100 our technical staff will be able to give you the best advice about which hardware will be best suited for your requirements.

The HP Z640 is designed to give professionals who work with resource-heavy applications an extra boost in their productivity. The Z640 is also targeted to businesses that simply want to equip their employees with a high-performance workstation at a mid-range price.The HP Z640 is a highly-customizable workstation that can be used for a wide range of use cases, allowing businesses to create a very specific build to accurately suit their needs. The HP workstation also offers a completely tool-less design that gives administrators easy access for quick component upgrades and maintenance.

The HP z640 workstation features any one or two of the following processors Intel Xeon E5 2600 v4 processors, Intel Xeon E5 2600 v3 processors.Intel Xeon E5 1600 v4 processor and Intel Xeon E5 1600 v3 processors. The HP Z640 Workstation uses the Intel® C612 chipset to support the processors.  It supports DDR4 memory, with up to 64GB of 2,133MHz DIMMs.

Primarily a dual CPU machine, it is also perfect for designers that want a workstation to grow with their needs. Start off with a single processor then add a second later, when multi-threaded design viz or simulation workflows become more demanding.  It clips in right behind the internal hard drive bay and just above theGPU(s). It adds up to an additional 18 Cores and 128GB of Memory. With the second CPU housed on a riser module, along with dedicated memory and cooling fans, a CPU upgrade can literally be done in seconds. Levers, green touch points, and blind mate connectors help mount the module effortlessly on the motherboard. With 64GB (8 x 8GB) of DDR4-2133 memory, our machine is filled to the brim and set up to handle some sizeable CAE and visualization models.

The Z640 has plenty of USB ports adding more USB 3.0 ports with an ‘always on’ charge port at the front top position.TheHP z640 has two 5.25″ front-accessible bays that can be used to add more ports, a media card reader or additional storage. The HP Z640 also comes with four USB 3.0 ports (one of which is a charging port) and one Thunderbolt 2 port, allowing those who rely on huge amounts of data transfers to significantly boost their workflows. Users can also customize their Z640 with various SATA and SAS RAID configuration options, all of which support a wide-range of high-performance, high-capacity storage solutions.

The HP Z640 Workstation will support up to a single 300 W graphics card. Separately, in a single processor configuration, the HP Z640 will support up to two cards rated at 225 W each. In a dual processor configuration, two cards rated up to 150 W each is supported.

Storage is provided by a single 500GB Micron M550 SSD, which fills one of the two internal 3.5-inch bays by way of a 2.5-inch adapter. Both bays feature blind mate connectors. To expand the storage there’s a huge choice of SATA SSDs and HDDs that can be added to the second 3.5-inch internal storage bay or the 5.25-inch bays at the top of the machine. SAS drives are also available but need to be partnered with an 8-port LSI controller.

RAID is supported on the motherboard for SATA drives including RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID10. For fast PCIe Express storage, which offers double the bandwidth of SATA 6Gb/sec, there’s the option of up to two HP Z Turbo Drives (256GB or 512GB)

To boost data transfer rates further there’s an optional Thunderbolt 2 PCIe card, which provides a single Thunderbolt 2 port at the rear of the machine. The HP Z640 is an impressive piece of engineering, offering a solid, well-built chassis, great customization and plenty of processing power to handle demanding design visualization or simulation workflows.

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