Globalnettech provides a Laptop Rental solution whether you need to Rent 1 laptop or 100 our technical staff will be able to give you the best advice about which hardware will be best suited for your requirements.

Workstation rental

A workstation is a computer with high performance and especially build for technical or scientific applications.

Workstations are specially made for manipulation and visualization of complex data such as 3D mechanical design, engineering simulation, animation and rendering of images, and mathematical plots.

They have high-resolution multiple displays, a keyboard, a mouse, graphics tablets, 3D mice etc.

Workstations offer higher performance with respect to CPU and graphics, memory capacity, and multitasking capability than desktop computers.

High-End workstation:

High-End Workstation is a most advanced workstation with tower and 2U rack mount chassis features up to two Intel ® Xeon® processors for a total of 44 cores and perfect for high-end graphics applications, Animation CAD/CAM, 3D Modelling, Visualization, DTP, Image Processing and Digital Content Creation and any other advanced computer tasks.

Mid-Range workstation:

Mid-Range workstations have maximum memory and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and support to two Intel Xeon processors and max 44 cores or a single processor.This is perfect for CAD  applications Midrange system are also used to assist high-end workstations in telecommunications processing and network management.

Entry-level  workstation:

Entry-level workstations provide support for optional overclocked processors, eight-core processors and two full-length professional GPUs.

Entry-level workstations specially designed for technical applications like as 3D Modelling, Autodesk AutoCAD, Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS, CAM, and advanced graphics production with Adobe Photoshop.

SFF workstations:

Small form factor workstations are powerhouses that are housed in a smaller enclosure that easily fits in all types of workplaces.It is perfect for smooth CAD & 3D design with the computer workstation for single-threaded applications.

This SFF workstation is smaller but they are powerful to accelerate 3ds Max, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, and Inventor workflows.

Mobile workstations or Portable workstations:

Mobile workstations are the CAD laptop computers with high computing features like processors with faster graphics, more powerful CPUs, and additional memory. Portable workstations are used in CAD/CAM, Geospatial, Oil & Gas, and engineering applications.


Benefits of workstations:

Workstations offer professional grade graphics performance and high quality rendering for CAD, media, and entertainment applications.

Workstations features  powerful processors to do applications, such as CAD, animation, and digital content creationquickly, and workstations can help to run multiple applications at the same time without loss in performance.

Workstations have more memory capacity to help the artists and designers create their large and complex designs.

Workstations are built to support high internal storage with affordable Intel® Solid State Drives and deliver data faster and high reliability.

Workstations offer high reliability with reduced downtime.

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