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Recommended Hardware for Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the latest software for video editing that offers industry-leading native file format support, including 4K and High Dynamic Range media by leveraging NVIDIA GPUs.Central Processing Unit, Graphics Processing Unit, Random Access Memory, and Storage Devices are the main hardware requirements for optimizing system’s overall performance when using Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.


Rendering the files once the editing has been completed is the main CPU  intensive task in  Adobe Premiere Pro.It is a multi-threaded process.Thus  CPU with more cores is better than the CPU with High speed.CPU with a minimum of 6 cores is more beneficial . CPU with more cores render the files more quickly and cost-effectively.


Adobe software has been made significantly to run on GPU rather than CPU.Therefore a perfect GPU card is required to get the best result. OpenGL standard NIVIDA  “CUDA” GPUs and its related technologies like NVIDIA’s OptiX™ Ray Tracing Engine will offer the great graphics performance.Regular updating of Video card software drivers is important to ensure compatibility and performance.


RAM needed is exactly depends on the codec, length and complexity of your project.Minimum of 32GB is needed to run Adobe  Premiere  Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro uses the systems RAM as the short-term memory of the computer.It is essential to keep a copy of a program to be executed or an image to be manipulated in the computer’s memory.So it is inevitable to have more RAM to carry out more software programs at the same time.

Hard drive storages:

SSD drives are the best storage drives for the operating system while running  Adobe Premiere Pro. They are more expensive than a traditional platter hard drive but are excellent choices for cache drives, also many times faster to launch programs and Windows faster.

Most popular video editing workstations are HP Z820 and Apple Mac Pro.Global Nettech provides  HP Z820 and Apple Mac Pro on rental at a great price. Dell Precision™ M6800  mobile Workstation is also an excellent choice for video artists. We at GlobalNettech suggest a list of recommended hardware for Adobe Premiere Pro for the best video editing and also provides the video editing and rendering workstations for rent and sale at an affordable price.


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