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Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a digital compositing, motion graphics and visual effects software used in the film- and television- industries for animation, keying, tracking, and compositing. It is a software for basic editing of video and audio software usually used along with Adobe Premiere Pro editing package.Configuring the best performance  After Effect workstation depends on the level of effects that is want to produce. After Effect needs quite modest system requirements.



Adobe After Effects require a CPU with high operating frequency and with low processor core that is single core processor with high clock speed.In After Effects calculation for interface and frame updates are done on a single core. The 3D Renderer with Cinema 4D engine needs high core count CPUs for rendering Multiple Frames Simultaneously.



GPU acceleration for Adobe After Effects is new and GeForce and Quadro GPU cards are great for this software. Quadro GPUs are more reliable by supporting 10-bit displays but GeForce cards are an affordable and low cost with high performance.  Mid-range video card gives the same performance as a high-end card in Adobe After Effects.



After Effects requires very large amounts of RAM for temporarily storing all the processed data in RAM.It also stores all frames it compositing in RAM.So it needs more RAM.The amount of RAM needed is depending on the complexity of the project.Simple projects can take 32GB up to 64 GB of RAM.Very complex projects with standard workstation need 128, 256, and even 512GB of RAM.


Storage Drives:

Three different Drive types perfect for the better running of Adobe After Effects. SSDs can be used as a first drive to load and run operating system and applications quickly. Dedicated SSD can be used for disk cache can significantly improve performance.NVMe drives can be used as a secondary drive for cache and as a scratch disc while scrubbing and playing through compositions for high-performance gains. A large mechanical drive can be used for storage archival purposes because they offer more gigabyte per dollar ratio than solid state drives.

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