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Recommended Hardware for Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a digital compositing, motion graphics and visual effects software used in the film- and television- industries for animation, keying, tracking, and compositing. It is a software for basic editing of video and audio software usually used along with Adobe Premiere Pro editing package.Configuring the best performance  After Effect workstation depends on the level of effects that is want to produce. After Effect needs quite modest system requirements.



Adobe After Effects require a CPU with high operating frequency and with low processor core that is single core processor with high clock speed.In After Effects calculation for interface and frame updates are done on a single core. The 3D Renderer with Cinema 4D engine needs high core count CPUs for rendering Multiple Frames Simultaneously.



GPU acceleration for Adobe After Effects is new and GeForce and Quadro GPU cards are great for this software. Quadro GPUs are more reliable by supporting 10-bit displays but GeForce cards are an affordable and low cost with high performance.  Mid-range video card gives the same performance as a high-end card in Adobe After Effects.



After Effects requires very large amounts of RAM for temporarily storing all the processed data in RAM.It also stores all frames it compositing in RAM.So it needs more RAM.The amount of RAM needed is depending on the complexity of the project.Simple projects can take 32GB up to 64 GB of RAM.Very complex projects with standard workstation need 128, 256, and even 512GB of RAM.


Storage Drives:

Three different Drive types perfect for the better running of Adobe After Effects. SSDs can be used as a first drive to load and run operating system and applications quickly. Dedicated SSD can be used for disk cache can significantly improve performance.NVMe drives can be used as a secondary drive for cache and as a scratch disc while scrubbing and playing through compositions for high-performance gains. A large mechanical drive can be used for storage archival purposes because they offer more gigabyte per dollar ratio than solid state drives.

At Global Nettech we suggest recommended hardware for Adobe After Effect for animation, keying, tracking, and compositing.We also offer recommended workstations for  Adobe After Effects on sale or rental to complete your projects.For more information visit us at


Recommended Hardware for Adobe Premiere Pro

Recommended Hardware for Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the latest software for video editing that offers industry-leading native file format support, including 4K and High Dynamic Range media by leveraging NVIDIA GPUs.Central Processing Unit, Graphics Processing Unit, Random Access Memory, and Storage Devices are the main hardware requirements for optimizing system’s overall performance when using Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.


Rendering the files once the editing has been completed is the main CPU  intensive task in  Adobe Premiere Pro.It is a multi-threaded process.Thus  CPU with more cores is better than the CPU with High speed.CPU with a minimum of 6 cores is more beneficial . CPU with more cores render the files more quickly and cost-effectively.


Adobe software has been made significantly to run on GPU rather than CPU.Therefore a perfect GPU card is required to get the best result. OpenGL standard NIVIDA  “CUDA” GPUs and its related technologies like NVIDIA’s OptiX™ Ray Tracing Engine will offer the great graphics performance.Regular updating of Video card software drivers is important to ensure compatibility and performance.


RAM needed is exactly depends on the codec, length and complexity of your project.Minimum of 32GB is needed to run Adobe  Premiere  Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro uses the systems RAM as the short-term memory of the computer.It is essential to keep a copy of a program to be executed or an image to be manipulated in the computer’s memory.So it is inevitable to have more RAM to carry out more software programs at the same time.

Hard drive storages:

SSD drives are the best storage drives for the operating system while running  Adobe Premiere Pro. They are more expensive than a traditional platter hard drive but are excellent choices for cache drives, also many times faster to launch programs and Windows faster.

Most popular video editing workstations are HP Z820 and Apple Mac Pro.Global Nettech provides  HP Z820 and Apple Mac Pro on rental at a great price. Dell Precision™ M6800  mobile Workstation is also an excellent choice for video artists. We at GlobalNettech suggest a list of recommended hardware for Adobe Premiere Pro for the best video editing and also provides the video editing and rendering workstations for rent and sale at an affordable price.

VR and Autodesk VRED software

VR and Autodesk VRED software

Virtual reality is the latest technology that helps you to accept nonexistent products or environment in a photorealistic way—and enables you to operate its functionality in virtual space. With Autodesk VRED Professional, your abstract data can come to life.Working with Autodesk VRED Professional opens up new perspectives for the creation of form and shape: photorealistic visualized construction data can be combined with real images or footage.

Autodesk® VRED™ Professional software helps the users to create virtual prototypes and high-end visualizations in the automotive development process and CGI production. Integrated workflows enable you to visually evaluate, explore, and communicate the automotive design ideas. Autodesk VRED Professional helps you go faster and more efficiently from concept to market.

The VRED product line utilizing the fastest ray tracing and Open GL engine on the market is a powerful, new software solution for virtual reality. Even with highly complex productions, VRED facilitates faster processing with perfectly optimized workflows and minimal rendering times. Autodesk VRED Professional useful mainly in the automotive production process with improving quality and communication. Reviewing designs faster and make decisions across different departments about the same intelligent model by adding a visualization pipeline to the data creation pipeline.


  • Minimized development times
  • High-level quality assurance
  • Precise design reviews
  • Work with large data
  • Real-time rendering

VRED   virtual prototyping and  3D product visualization software features help to create significant product design reviews, presentations, and virtual prototypes in real time.  .

In this fast-paced world. Progress is inevitable and new developments happen frequently.Remaining competitive in this environment is difficult.Market change and new developments happen one after another. Autodesk® VRED™ Professional software helps to give way to future-oriented products and newness to life.GlobalNettech provides system requirements for the Autodesk Mechanical products at an affordable cost.

Recommended Workstations for SOLIDWORKS -Global Nettech

Recommended Workstations for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS is a CAD and CAE software includes each and every aspect of product design.It is a “solid modelling” solution with unique physical fidelity.So this solution is useful in to create 3-D or even 2-D designs.It is more famous among engineers with its cutting-edge features like help to run simulations on the particular designs based on practical conditions before engineering the physical parts. SOLIDWORKS  need a perfect workstation with the right specification to work optimally.

Characteristics of  the best SOLIDWORKS workstations:


Modelling is mainly a linear process so CPU Frequency is more important than CPU Cores. SOLIDWORKS run optimally and efficiently on a workstation with a lesser number of fast cores.Every one like the multicore processors but SOLIDWORKS  is a frequency based applications so it runs perfectly on a single core.Workstations with few cores and a  higher frequency are ideal.Professional overclocked systems are right for  Solidworks.


The system memory of the workstation for SOLIDWORKS depends on the nature of the task to run.Designs with more number of parts and high-level complexity have a huge number of data sets and to perform complex and complicated calculations a large number of datasets are used.To carry out these datasets and also for simulation tasks larger RAM is essential. To prevent delays and glitches, at least 16 GB of system memory is required to run SOLIDWORKS. Up to 16-32 GB of RAM would allow SOLIDWORKS to run along with and in combination with other applications.


Professional NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro WX graphics cards are required for running complicated tasks like RealvView, Wire Frame View and Relative View. Gaming’ graphics cards should not use. Pairing up these Graphic cards with the right CPU is important to function efficiently.

Storage :

Expensive SSDs are more helpful than mechanical HDDs in operations like opening and saving assemblies.The user should select the fast  M.2 NVMe SSDs.Fast writing and reading ability of SSDs help to open assemblies for SOLIDWORKS easily and quickly.

It is important to build a workstation not only compatible for SOLIDWORKS but rather it supports other   CAD category applications.

Global Nettech is a laptop ,workstation rental and sale company  provides Recommended Workstations for SOLIDWORKS   to perform your 3-D or even 2-D designs. Global Nettech expert engineers help you to find the perfect workstation for your company according to the task performed. A  well-tailored workstation which is compatible to run applications like   SOLIDWORKS is essential to run SOLIDWORKS as its full potential.

HP Z8 G4 Workstations on rental to run the most complex simulations


HP Z8 G4 Workstation-2

Global  Nettech offers powerful desktop workstation HP Z8 G4  on rental with the capability to run the most complex simulations and process huge amounts of data such as 3D simulations and editing 8K video in real time with application ANSYS or After Effects.This innovative workstation can support your unique needs with support options of  Linux®  or Windows 10 Pro 64 operating systems.

This dual socket Workstation is designed innovatively to deliver outstanding performance and expandability within its tool-less “split chassis”. The newly designed HP Z8 architecture supports the next generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors for up to 56 total processor cores in one system for achieving the high compute performance. With up to 56 processing cores and up to 3 TB of main memory, 3x the capacity of its predecessor HP Z840 Workstation, HP Z8 enables rear access to 1700 W power supply with a locking mechanism, 24 DIMMs, and a total of 9 PCIe slots includes 7 full length, full height PCIe slots and 2 internal PCIe slots helps for specialized workflows.

To handle massive data sets with 24 memory slots supporting up to 1.5 TB of high-speed memory. The flexible configuration with 7 high-performance PCIe Gen3 slots and get additional expandability supporting up to 4 PCIe storage devices with optional slots.A choice of 1125W and 1450W 90% efficient power supplies, the Z8 fires up the maximum levels of processing, memory, graphics, storage and I/O reconfigurability. Designed with two ports of 10 GbE network connection.

The tool-less and modular chassis lets you  easily and quickly access the interior for  maintenance and upgrades. The HP Z8 G4 workstation’s modern, sophisticated look features built-in handles for easy relocation. Innovative design allows full range configurations to run cool and quiet for maximized productivity.HP Z8 G4 Workstations on rental helps you to carry out machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and 3D-CAD Design effectively in less time and at low cost.

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Different types of Workstations and benefits of Workstations

Workstation rental

A workstation is a computer with high performance and especially build for technical or scientific applications.

Workstations are specially made for manipulation and visualization of complex data such as 3D mechanical design, engineering simulation, animation and rendering of images, and mathematical plots.

They have high-resolution multiple displays, a keyboard, a mouse, graphics tablets, 3D mice etc.

Workstations offer higher performance with respect to CPU and graphics, memory capacity, and multitasking capability than desktop computers.

High-End workstation:

High-End Workstation is a most advanced workstation with tower and 2U rack mount chassis features up to two Intel ® Xeon® processors for a total of 44 cores and perfect for high-end graphics applications, Animation CAD/CAM, 3D Modelling, Visualization, DTP, Image Processing and Digital Content Creation and any other advanced computer tasks.

Mid-Range workstation:

Mid-Range workstations have maximum memory and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and support to two Intel Xeon processors and max 44 cores or a single processor.This is perfect for CAD  applications Midrange system are also used to assist high-end workstations in telecommunications processing and network management.

Entry-level  workstation:

Entry-level workstations provide support for optional overclocked processors, eight-core processors and two full-length professional GPUs.

Entry-level workstations specially designed for technical applications like as 3D Modelling, Autodesk AutoCAD, Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS, CAM, and advanced graphics production with Adobe Photoshop.

SFF workstations:

Small form factor workstations are powerhouses that are housed in a smaller enclosure that easily fits in all types of workplaces.It is perfect for smooth CAD & 3D design with the computer workstation for single-threaded applications.

This SFF workstation is smaller but they are powerful to accelerate 3ds Max, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, and Inventor workflows.

Mobile workstations or Portable workstations:

Mobile workstations are the CAD laptop computers with high computing features like processors with faster graphics, more powerful CPUs, and additional memory. Portable workstations are used in CAD/CAM, Geospatial, Oil & Gas, and engineering applications.


Benefits of workstations:

Workstations offer professional grade graphics performance and high quality rendering for CAD, media, and entertainment applications.

Workstations features  powerful processors to do applications, such as CAD, animation, and digital content creationquickly, and workstations can help to run multiple applications at the same time without loss in performance.

Workstations have more memory capacity to help the artists and designers create their large and complex designs.

Workstations are built to support high internal storage with affordable Intel® Solid State Drives and deliver data faster and high reliability.

Workstations offer high reliability with reduced downtime.

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Which is the perfect key tool for creating architectural drawings and performing complex engineering design work?


The Dell Precision T3600 offers powerful performance for exacting workstation workloads such as mainstream 3D, advanced engineering, digital content creation, CAD/CAM, and design environments.

The Dell Precision T3600 is an entry to mid range model.It is the most attractive workstation for professionals.

Power through resource-exhausting and graphics-intensive workloads with the advanced design of the dual-socket Dell Precision T3600 featuring Intel® Xeon® processor E5-1600 or E5-2600 family supported up to 64GB4 of quad-channel ECC or non-ECC memory.

The Dell Precision T3600 features a totally redesigned chassis, enabling the user to perform service and modifications with greater ease. Chassis has the straightforward, clutter-free interior providing easy access to components. The Dell Precision T3600 offer an externally accessible tool-less power supply for superior serviceability.It has an integrated front and rear aluminum handles for easy deployment and moves. The Dell Precision T3600 has room for up to two 3.5” or four 2.5” tool-less hard drives. It also has a handy top tray which offers a convenient location to store external drives or cameras and provides easy access to front -mounted USB ports. Dell Precision T3600 is easily rack mounting via 0U rail shelf kit.

A variety of professional-grade NVIDIA® and AMD® graphics options, including powerful NVIDIA Maximus® technology featuring Quadro and Tesla GPUs that simultaneously enable simulation and design on a single system. In our system handling workstation graphics processing, duties are the NVIDIA Quadro  k2200 4GB graphics card. The Quadro K2200 provides 640 general purposes CUDA cores. The NVIDIA Quadro K2200 sporting its larger heat sink and 60mm ultra-quite fan. The heat sink features an aluminum base and fins, with a solid copper GPU contact on the underside.Generation 3 PCIe slots to help prepare for the next generation of graphics.  Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions and Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, offering outstanding performance for complex applications.

Dell’s exclusive, patented Reliable Memory Technology also featured in this workstations too. The new technology maximizes uptime by eliminating virtually all memory errors so the workstations can get more reliable over time, providing a stable and reliable platform user can trust.

Dell Precision T3600 on rental Bangalore  is EPEAT®-registered3 and offers ENERGY STAR® 5.2 configurations, including 80 PLUS®-registered Gold power supplies. It will help the user to lower the impact on the environment, but it also helps to reduce the operating energy costs.

It is quite an impressive machine, well-built and designed. T3600 is a lot of power in a mid-sized package.This workstation is perfect for graphics professionals, such as visual effects artists, to just about every engineering discipline we can imagine.

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