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Dell hardware for Simulation Computational Fluid Dynamics


With an outsized range of computing choices out there nowadays, it will be quite difficult to pick a system which will deliver optimum performance and capability at an inexpensive value. rather than recommending the minimum computing specifications to run Simulation CFD, we tend to area unit listing the specifications of the computers utilized by the appliance Engineers at Autodesk.

Dell T5610 Workstation:

Model: Dell T5610 with Intel Dual Xeon E5-2650 V2 (8 Core HT, 2.6GHz Turbo)
RAM: +32GB DDr3
Video: Nvidia Quadro 4000
Hard Drive: 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

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The solver will require about 2 GB of RAM per 1 million elements.  Anything more will not make the analysis go faster.  It simply will not be used by Sim CFD.  If the available RAM is less than the model requirement the solver has to resort to file swapping which will significantly slow down the analysis.  More RAM is that case is recommended.
The amount of Ram should be based on current and future model size.

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CPU clock speed has a big influence.  The faster the clock speed the shorter the runtimes.
It is important, however, to know that the Sim CFD solver uses CPUs (or cores) in a 2n order.  This means 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc…  For instance, if a machine has 2 8-core CPUs (i.e. 16 cores) the solver will use all of them.  If it has, says, 20 cores the solver will only use 16.  So it’s better to have 16 3.0 GHz cores than 20 2.6 or 2.8 GHz cores.
There is no difference between one 8-core CPU and two 4-core CPUs.  Generally, the performance/value marker starts to end around 16 cores with the 2014 solver. There are still some performance gains with 32 cores, but not much for the cost.

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Precision workstations are overhauled by dell with Xeon E5

Dell has renewed its Precision workstation line-up with new designs predicated on Intel’s latest Xeon processors, offering enhanced performance, new technology to improve memory stability, and renovated easy-carry framework that offer easier access.

Accessible from 9 May, the new T3600, T5600 and T7600 (imagined) types are substitutes for Dell’s current structure structure workstations, and could be designed with increased memory than their predecessors, in addition to offering the new Xeon E5-2600 chips released by Intel last month.

Dell Precision Workstation

Dell Precision Workstation

Dell said it’s responded to customer comments with the look of those Precision workstation Rental, and addressed concerns regarding convenience, stability of memory when working with large data sets, and more practical problems such as for example making the methods simpler to move.
“It may be the very first time in six years we’ve develop a completely new framework, and surprisingly, the absolute most required function from clients was addresses to create them more straightforward to move,” Rik Thwaites, business development director for Europe told V3.
Also highlighted is just a solution inner format with wires saved behind the motherboard for infinite ventilation.
To ensure that clients may match whatever fits the power needs of the equipment configuration, the brand new framework styles have user-swappable power materials, with 425W, 635W or 820W possibilities.
The access T3600 design is just a program targeted at single-threaded workloads like the Pro/Engineer application, but may match as much as 64GB of memory, double that on its predecessor.
Nevertheless, despite being the access type, it may be designed with artwork choices as much as an Quadro 6000 adapter, or two Quadro 5000 cards.
The T5600 is Dell’s main-stream workstation, targeted at design and evaluation applications requiring high CPU performance. It has two model sockets and could be equipped with as much as 128GB of storage.
Nevertheless, Dell has been careful to not exceed the outside measurements of its predecessor, Thwaites said, as several methods have been used by stock exchange trading surfaces with tight restrictions on space, and any replacement was wanted by customers to position in only as quickly.
At the top end may be the design, that will be likely to attract clients such as these in the oil and gas exploration business for information visualization.
This type could be designed with as much as 512GB of program memory, and has room enough for an Nvidia Quadro 6000 artwork adapter plus two Tesla C2075 gas cards.
The framework, which may be rack-mounted, has space for four 3.5in or eight 2.5in externally available hard disk drives for tool-free trading. Additionally, it includes a greater power compared to other Precision versions, at 1300W.
All the new Precision versions function Dell’s patented Reliable Memory Technology, which could identify single bit errors on memory modules and avoid the line of memory containing the problem from getting used in future.
This technology is needed since single bit errors are increasingly likely with the huge amount of information placed in the current storage elements, Thwaites said.
Reliable Memory Technology needs ECC storage Dimms to work, but doesn’t need any private elements. If your bit error is found (using ECC), its area is designated in the little quantity of non-volatile configuration memory as standard on Dimms installed.
Which means that the poor strip isn’t used even when the memory component is moved to some other program helping Reliable Memory Technology.
Dell also revealed that the further workstation design is placed to ship at the conclusion of April, predicated on Intel’s forthcoming Ivy Bridge pc chips.
That design, the Precision T1650, blurs the boundary between computer and workstation, and is targeted at customers who work workloads such as for example Solid and AutoCAD Edge, based on Dell.

HORSEPOWER Z420 Workstation Review: Competition Gets Hotter

Recently we’d an opportunity to evaluate Dell’s Precision T3600, and we found it remarkable. A business that appeared content to be an also-ran in the business pc room reinvigorated it self with clever new framework models to complement with the equipment from NVIDIA and Intel, and as it had been effective the ensuing system proved as simple to support. HP and dell could both speak up how quick their computers are, but ultimately they’re still working from exactly the same blocks that Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD offer them.

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Hp Z420 Workstation

Hp Z420 Workstation

HP, whilst the incumbent company merchant, sent their Z420 to us. From the framework design perspective it’s undoubtedly nowhere near as radical a departure as Dell’s modified Precision selection is, nevertheless now we obtain a opportunity to set these standards against one another. Along with that, we also get our first look at Intel’s octal-core Xeon processors in a computer workstation environment. Let’s observe how the brand new HP offering analyzes with previously analyzed workstations.