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Recommended Workstations for SOLIDWORKS -Global Nettech

Recommended Workstations for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS is a CAD and CAE software includes each and every aspect of product design.It is a “solid modelling” solution with unique physical fidelity.So this solution is useful in to create 3-D or even 2-D designs.It is more famous among engineers with its cutting-edge features like help to run simulations on the particular designs based on practical conditions before engineering the physical parts. SOLIDWORKS  need a perfect workstation with the right specification to work optimally.

Characteristics of  the best SOLIDWORKS workstations:


Modelling is mainly a linear process so CPU Frequency is more important than CPU Cores. SOLIDWORKS run optimally and efficiently on a workstation with a lesser number of fast cores.Every one like the multicore processors but SOLIDWORKS  is a frequency based applications so it runs perfectly on a single core.Workstations with few cores and a  higher frequency are ideal.Professional overclocked systems are right for  Solidworks.


The system memory of the workstation for SOLIDWORKS depends on the nature of the task to run.Designs with more number of parts and high-level complexity have a huge number of data sets and to perform complex and complicated calculations a large number of datasets are used.To carry out these datasets and also for simulation tasks larger RAM is essential. To prevent delays and glitches, at least 16 GB of system memory is required to run SOLIDWORKS. Up to 16-32 GB of RAM would allow SOLIDWORKS to run along with and in combination with other applications.


Professional NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro WX graphics cards are required for running complicated tasks like RealvView, Wire Frame View and Relative View. Gaming’ graphics cards should not use. Pairing up these Graphic cards with the right CPU is important to function efficiently.

Storage :

Expensive SSDs are more helpful than mechanical HDDs in operations like opening and saving assemblies.The user should select the fast  M.2 NVMe SSDs.Fast writing and reading ability of SSDs help to open assemblies for SOLIDWORKS easily and quickly.

It is important to build a workstation not only compatible for SOLIDWORKS but rather it supports other   CAD category applications.

Global Nettech is a laptop ,workstation rental and sale company  provides Recommended Workstations for SOLIDWORKS   to perform your 3-D or even 2-D designs. Global Nettech expert engineers help you to find the perfect workstation for your company according to the task performed. A  well-tailored workstation which is compatible to run applications like   SOLIDWORKS is essential to run SOLIDWORKS as its full potential.